1% Commission Rebate


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The Small Print: Certain Locality Brokers offer a 1/3rd Commission Rebate but some do not. Those who offer a commission rebate are listed on this page and have a Rebate Badge on their Locality profile page. Make sure to choose a Broker who offers the rebate. The 1% Commission Rebate is based upon a 3% Buyer’s Agent Commission. If the Buyer’s Agent Commission is less than 3% than the rebate will be 1/3rd of the commission. Unfortunately we’re unable to offer a rebate to Buyers who come to us through third party sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Estately, Realtor.com or other lead generation sites. This is because we have to pay these media sites for referrals, so please support your local small business and contact us directly. Due to their complexity, Locality is also unable to offer rebates on short sales, dual agency transactions, vacant land transactions, relocation transactions, REO’s (Bank Owned transactions), Manufactured Homes in Parks, Houseboats, and other unique transactions. In addition, homes with a listing price below $200,000 do not qualify for Locality’s rebate. Due to lending guidelines, Locality’s rebate may only be used toward lender approved closing costs, prepaids, loan discount points, or principal reductions. Rebates may not be taken after closing. Please consult your Locality Agent for the full details of your rebate. Your Buyer’s Agency Agreement will be the sole legal agreement between you and Locality regarding this rebate and your compensation to Locality. Please read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions prior to signing.